Course open, no powertrolleys , winter rules ,preferred lies through the green. (updated 22 February at 06:46)

The December Draw for the 200 Club was held on 29th November and the winners were;

No.30 for £100 John Aitken

No.121 for £60 Phil Davies

No.2 for £40 Olwen Oliver

No.69 for £35 Teresa Davies

No.16 for £30 Neil Large

No.14 for £25 Rachael Pritchard

In previous years in early December we have held an extra draw to provide an bit of festive fun.  On the 1st December we made the Christmas Spirit Draw and the winners for that were Brian Johnson, Wendy Rae, Gareth Evans Jones, Bob Costello, Kevin Sykes and Brian Westcott.  The prize is for a bottle of spirits, wine or other festive drink which Russ will kindly procure for them in time for Christmas.