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Graham Roberts put an enormous amount of  effort into making his day a very enjoyable one for all.

There was a variety of "events" on several tees. The men's whites were moved into good and bad places! There were 4 to count on the least expected holes. The half way house was loaded with food and manned (womaned) by delightful ladies and welcome food.

Not mentioning the weather, it was a splendid day. We were given breakfast, the appropriate  food and drink to get us round 18 holes and the psychology talk, at the end of the day,  to tell us how our thoughts had been wrong. 

A great day.

Thank you Graham.


Men’s first place:

Luke Johnson, Andy Watson, Toby Brace, Josh Guy

 Men’s second place:

Pete Roberts, John Bailey, Sean Coppock, Karl Steadman

 Ladies first place:

Denise Lamont, Paula Hague, Hilary Watson, Margaret Leech

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