Course open, no powertrolleys , winter rules ,preferred lies through the green. (updated 18 February at 06:58)

You may remember the Members' Exhibition of Arts and Crafts which took place last Spring.

Following that, there were photographs of all the exhibits made into 2 x A4, spiral bound booklets - Volume I and Volume  II. These are displayed on the table which used to be in the alcove in the lounge (where the Christmas tree was). It is presently outside the office.  Volume II is there but Volume I has been missing for some time.

Have you seen it ? Did you borrow it? Has someone taken it home and forgotten to bring it back? If you have any clue to its whereabouts please tell Kerry or Paige in the office,  - or just spirit it back - thank you.

Another missing item is the Ladies felt covered, wooden Christmas tree which ladies use every Christmas to pin a message on instead of sending cards to all their golfing friends. It usually resides in the cupboard in the Ladies locker room but cannot be found.
If you have any knowledge of where it might be please tell one of the Ladies committee - thank you.