Course open , no restrictions

The members of the 200 Club have agreed to support the replacement of the Halfway House.  We wanted to have a new building that would have a wow factor and reflect the prestige of Eaton Golf Club.  The Board have agreed that electricity will be supplied to the building which will enable us to have power sockets and lighting.  This was granted on the understanding that the Halfway House does not become a second kitchen. 

As always we are very greatful to our superb team of ground staff who will be assisting with the installation.  An outside contractor is responsible for the construction of the building.


We have chosen a size of building with large enough internal dimensions to hold a table and chairs for 4 golfers and room for 3 helpers.  The veranda is also large enough to accommodate the table and chairs. The internal dimensions are 4.2m square and the size of the veranda is 4.2m x 2.33m, which is marginally smaller than the photograph above.

This has been possible because of the long term committment of many Eaton members supporting the 200 Club.  New members are very welcome.  The 200 Club has given a lot of support to Eaton GC through purchases of the trophy cabinet, on course toilet, aerial photograph in the main hall, round dining room tables, defibrillator, replacement of plants, pots and hanging baskets along with many other minor items.  Of course there is the lottery element in the 200 Club and in the last year we had 67 individual winners.

You can join the 200 Club, which is an annual cost of £60, by giving a cheque to Kerry made out to "Eaton Golf 200 Club" or through internet banking to 60-40-08 a/c 32921926.