Course open , no restrictions

From 1st January 2017 there will be 5  prizes each month along with extra bonuses and novelties as and when the finances permit.

The winners in the January Draw are;

1st No. 6 for £100  Mavine Gomersall

2nd No. 93 for £60  Ian Beech

3rd No. 32 for £40  Ramsay Lamont

4th No. 65 for £30 Sue Seys Llewellyn

5th No. 23 for £25 Lici Thomas

The 200 Club would like to thank Rupert Thorp for the wooden pen holders. There are 2 in each of the ladies and men's locker rooms and 1 on the mixed board in the main hall. Please try to remember to replace the pens after use.

The Board are currently considering 2 projects which would involve funding by the 200 Club.  Research was carried out last year on an electronic notice board which may be in the window of the Pro's shop, linked to the website, the office and perhaps a VDU inside the clubhouse.

The second project  being considered is to upgrade the compressor and air hoses for shoe and equipment cleaning.

If you would like to join the 200 Club, the annual subscription is £60 which can be paid by cheque to Kerry made out to “Eaton Golf 200 Club”.

Alternatively you can pay by internet bank transfer through 60-40-08 a/c 32921926.  If you would like more information please contact us at