Course open, no restrictions

Stimping this morning by Keith, Peter and me, (Alan).

The greens stimped at 9’ 3” this morning, in line with our target.

It’s been a busy week on the greens, which were verticut (micro scarified to remove surface debris and incidentally meadow grass seed heads), followed by a light dressing (10 te across the 18 greens) which was then brushed in.  Greens have been rolled every day but only cut on Thursday - it’s not a good idea to mow freshly-dressed greens.  The greens look fantastic at the moment, with the seed heads much reduced.

The only other significant item to mention on the course is the verdant long rough.  This is an unfortunate consequence of the long wet spring which prevented us getting machinery onto the course and from implementing the pre-summer controls we had planned.  We can’t touch it now, I’m afraid, without making things worse.  Nothing to do but to wait for the annual hay harvest which is planned for early August.  But please spread the word to members who are consuming golf balls and encourage them to hit provisionals….


Stimp graph