Course open, no restrictions

Keith and Peter did the honours today. 

Stimp was 9’3”.  Growth has slowed markedly across the course as the prolonged dry spell shows no sign of letting up.  Greens are watered every evening - just a light spray for a few minutes - and hand watering plus wetting agent (detergent) applied to the high spots on the greens to deal with ‘dry patch’, a ground condition which prevents water getting into the ground.  Our fine grasses can take very dry conditions but the background annual meadow grass can’t.  Problem is, if the meadow grass is weakened then its place is taken up by meadow grass, the vigorous coloniser….

For those who have not been up, the practice bay and Woo Woo have been treated with a refreshing surface protection - 2 heavy coats.  They look much better.  The advice is that we should get them treated with a single coat very 2 years, which we will plan to do.