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Stimp Reading - Readings courtesy of Peter Longson and Keith Birmingham.

Speed on Friday 8th June was 8’ 8’”, despite the cut being lowered to 3.5mm and greens ironed Thursday and Friday.  Although this is still slightly above the average for this time of year we might have expected better.  It is probably due to the abundance of annual meadow grass seedheads - the small whitish growths at the base of the grass.  It happens every year around this time - one can see from the graphs there is a dip, which I blame on the seedheads.  They will clear away any time soon!

Gavin cut at 3 mm for the Talbot today- that’s as low as we ever go.  The speed barely responded, up to 9’.  B….y meadow grass!

The Proflex rough cutter burned out a cutters head - one of 5 - week before last.  It’s now back in place but losing capacity on the mower has consequences at this time of year….

Alan Wood

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