Course open, preferred lies, winter rules. (updated 26 April at 06:12)

Tip 10 – CSI Hub, Till Transactions

Log on as a Member.

The large window on the left hand side is the CSi Hub (Club Systems).

Club Systems is the company that owns the How Did I Do website with which we are all now familiar for booking competitions and looking at results.

There are 4 buttons

Click on button 1, Competition Entry and Personal Information

You will now need to log on using your HDiD user name and password

You should now see 6 buttons

Click on Member Till Transactions – you can see the balance on your bar card and your last few transactions

Use the back arrow top left to return to the previous screen.

Choose Book into Competitions – you will be familiar with the HDiD page that you land on.

Close this page with the tab at the top and you will return to the CSi Hub.

Members Home from the top line menu will take you back there.


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